Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

Professor Andrew Koehler

Andrew Koehler

Music Department Chairperson / Kalamazoo Philharmonia Conductor / Violin and String Areas Studies

Email: Andrew.Koehler@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7323
Office: Light Fine Arts 130A

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Beau Bothwell

Ethnomusicology / Music Theory / Historical Musicology

Email: Beau.Bothwell@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7074
Office: Light Fine Arts 128

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Thomas G. Evans

Academy Street Winds Symphonic Band & Jazz Band Conductor
Programmatic Music
/ Jazz History / Instrumental Methods / Applied Wind, Percussion, Brass Studies

Email: Thomas.Evans@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7414
Office: Light Fine Arts 124

Thomas Evans Biography

Professor Chris Ludwa

Christopher J. Ludwa

Conductor of College Singers,
Lux Esto Chamber Ensemble &
Kalamazoo Bach Festival /
Applied Voice

Email: Christopher.Ludwa@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7388
Office: Light Fine Arts 126

Christopher J. Ludwa Biography

Visiting Professor, Adam Schumaker

Adam Schumaker

Visiting Professor, Composition / Theory / Entrepreneurship

Email: Adam.Schumaker@kzoo.edu
Office: Light Fine Arts 130B

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Joanna Steinhauser

Joanna H. Steinhauser

Visiting Professor, Aural Comprehension / Applied Violin and Viola

Professor and Educational Technology Specialist, Josh Moon next to a 3D printer.

Josh Moon

Educational Technology Specialist

Email: Josh.Moon@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7415
Office: ULC139

Josh Moon Biography

Sebastian Quesada

Visiting Professor,
Composer / Music Theory

Henning-Schroder, saxophonist

Henning Schrӧder

Visiting Professor,
Music Theory


Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence

Music Event Coordinator / Applied Piano / Collaborative Pianist

Email: Susan.Lawrence@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7070
Office: Light Fine Arts 129

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Marissa Klee-Peregon

Fine Arts Office Coordinator

Email: Marissa.Klee-Peregon@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7050
Office: Light Fine Arts 120

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