Come join the Music Department!

Andrew Koehler conducting the Kalamazoo Philharmonia performing.

Cultivate & Nurture

The Music Department seeks to cultivate an understanding of the language and history of music and to nurture artistic skill and musicianship. Music performance opportunities (both solo and ensemble) combine with academic coursework (in music theory and history) to form the core of our curriculum. In the spirit of a liberal arts education, all performance activity and the vast majority of our academic courses are open to majors and non-majors alike.

The major or minor in music intensifies this integrated approach to create highly creative, analytical thinkers with a great amount of self-discipline, independent organizational skills, and confidence in stage presence. They are welcomed by graduate schools and employers alike.

Music Opportunities

Students at Kalamazoo College have the opportunity to become involved in music through classes, lessons, and ensembles. The Music Department is a part of a wider tapestry of great music-making that goes on in the vibrant cultural life of Kalamazoo.

Classroom Courses

Classroom courses in theory and history help deepen an intellectual understanding of music for majors and non-majors alike.

The Kalamazoo College Jazz Ensemble all dressed in black, performing with a singer front and center.


Players of all abilities and interests can find an ensemble just right for them.

Applied Lessons

Private lessons are available for voice, composition, music production, and all standard instruments.

No auditions are necessary for applied lessons.