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Classroom Music Courses

A full list of music courses and descriptions of each music course offered at Kalamazoo College.

Applied Lessons

  • Lessons
  • Applied Music (Private Lessons)
  • Registering for Applied Music Lessons
  • Academic Credit
  • Course Expectations
  • Area Classes
  • Applied Music Recital
  • Hearings
  • Student Recitals

Music Majors and Minors

  • Requirements for the Major in Music
  • Requirements for the Minor in Music
  • About Applied Music
  • About Music Ensembles

Senior Integrated Projects (SIP)

  • General Senior Integrated Project (SIP) information
  • SIPs in the Music Department
  • Guidelines for SIPs in Music
  • Criteria for Music Department Approval of SIP Proposals
  • Crediting of Music Department SIPs
  • SIP Proposal Form
  • Additional Information (program notes and liner notes)

Honors, Awards, and Prizes

  • Honors Requirements
  • Music Department Prizes